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Norma Shelby
May 27,1927 - May 8,2005

Deborah Maize, a missionary for over 35 years with Cru Inc. (formally Campus Crusade for Christ), founded this ministry in 2007 to carry on the legacy and dream of her mother, Mrs. Norma K. Shelby.

Sis. Shelby was a committed Christian adamant about serving holistically the needs of women, men and children. After working 20 years professionally for the city of Louisville in the area of Child Development, she opened her own family business in the basement of her home which is right across the street from the present establishment. That 41st Street Child Care Center opened in 1986 and officially closed in 2002. Mrs. Norma K. Shelby “graduated into glory” on Mother’s Day in 2005.

Sis. Shelby was her own “Mother Teresa” when it came to the concern of the poor, both situational and generational. Through that center on a day-to-day basis, physical, emotional and spiritual needs for the entire family were addressed. She never used van service because she met and often ministered to parents or guardians every morning. Programs were structured to meet challenges holistically from an intergenerational perspective and her noted motto was “from welfare to fairing well”! Mrs. Norma K Shelby graduated into glory on Mother's Day in 2005 at 78 years of age. This field calls for service she was known for quoting. “I'm gonna service a little while than I'm going home”. She's gone and her legacy lives on.

The 41st Street Family Care Center was Deborah’s vision and she testifies about God raising up many others including her co-worker and sister in Christ, Robin VanderWerf to help launch, undergird and serve the foundational development of what is now in operation! Deborah and Robin were assigned to other fields of service in 2010 and the baton of leadership for Louisville’s 41st Street ministry was given to Deborah’s sister Andrea Barbour, a gifted servant, being used of God to “Keep the Fire Burning.”

From 2012 until August 2016 / 41st Street Family Care Center provided a quality child care center for children from 2 to 5 years of age. Our center paved the way for what we now desire to experience. We have developed some strong relationships and now know what we should offer to better support their ongoing needs. As we move forward, we have redirected our ministry to serve our community from a wholistic intergenerational prospective.

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